Smithereens (1982)



Annals of American Independent Cinema is our IndieCollect “Visual History” initiative & interviews with both famous and unheralded stars of our indie film firmament. We will make these interviews accessible online as part of our IndieCollect Codex (i.e. encyclopedia). Linked to the IndieCollect Index, these visual histories will form part of the treasure trove of maker & curator biographies. Copies and transcripts of the interviews will also be deposited at the Academy Film Archive.

The first two visual history interviews were conducted on January 10, 2015, by curator Ed Carter, with Robert M. Young and with Edward James Olmos, filmed in Los Angeles by a camera/sound crew consisting of Nick Young, Zack Young & Alex Hoffman.

Cast and crew of the Jan 11, 2015 Interview.

Seated: Robert M. Young & Edward James Olmos
Standing behind, left to right: Nick Young, Sandra Schulberg, Ed Carter, Alex Hoffman, Zack Young