Elephant (2003)



Thanks to the generosity of our funders, IndieCollect has already saved thousands of American independent film negatives and soundtracks, and is actively restoring as many as possible so they can been seen in state-of-the-art digital formats. But the need is still urgent. Many indie films are at risk.

You too can save a film!

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Ford Foundation/Just Films
Special thanks to Darren Walker & Cara Mertes

Weissman Family Foundation
Special thanks to Dan Weissman

New York State Council on the Arts/Wave Farm
Special thanks to Karen Helmerson & Galen Joseph-Hunter

Frances & Benjamin Benenson Foundation
Special thanks to Bill & Laurie Benenson

Filmhaus Foundation
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HRK Foundation
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Donald A. Pels Charitable Trust
Special thanks to Wendy Keys Pels

Planethood Foundation
Special thanks to Ben Ferencz & Don Ferencz

Ravenal Foundation
Special thanks to Cornelia Ravenal


Beth B • Doro Bachrach Productions • Mary Basquin • Fredric Berner • Phil Beuth • Steve Blakely • Stanely Buchthal • Michelle Byrd • Caroline Camougis • Don Cato • Beth Coleman • Pamela Ann Cruz • Julie Dash • Susan Delson • Sandi Dubowski • Barry Ellsworth • Jennifer Fox • Ethan Hawke • Ann Hu • Eddy Falconer • Michael Fields • Raymond L. Gaspard • Gail Chandler Gaston • Nicole Guillemet • Jill Godmilow • Whitney Green • Charles Grimm • Beth Grossman • Clark Halstead • Richard Heller • Gerald Herman • Samuel R. Hill II • Ted Hope • Judy Irola • Philip Jamison • Lloyd & Patricia Kaufman • Wilder W. Knight • Lyda Kuth • Kenneth M. Kroll • Kirsten Larvick • Terry Lawler • Ann Deborah Levy • Brian Mertes • Jane Mauer • Thomas & Nancy McCormick • Myron Meisel • Brian Newman • Rob Nilsson • Sybil Robson Orr • Dean Parisot • Theodore Pedas • Stanley & Charlotte Plotnick • Amos Poe • Elias Savada • Sandra Schulberg • Schulberg Productions • Neil Sieling • Todd Smolar • Vivian Sorvall • Adam Stern • John Stout • Joana Vicente • Amy Waddell • Nathaniel Winthrop • Karen Young


Kimerling & Wisdom

Spotlight Cinema Networks


Founding Sponsors

In 2017, the following people joined Gerald Herman as Founding Sponsors of the Queer Cinema Index.

Peter Allar • Joe Baltake • Caroline Camougis • Johanna Campos • Bryan Darling • Sandi DuBowski • John Garvine • Nicholas Gottlieb • Benjamin Gouldthorpe • Bernadette Grosjean • Nicole Guillemet • John Hadity • Gerald Herman • Eugene Hernandez • James Hubbard • Malcolm Ingram • Daniel Karslake • Brian Kates • Maya Korn • Lyda Kuth • Melanie La Rosa • Lindsay Law • Terry Lawler • Thomas Moore • Erin Palmquist • James Schamus • Sandra Schulberg • Peter Stein • Tony Taylor • James Thomas • Christine Vachon • Peter Venema • Steve Wax • Peter Witkay


Resoration Funders

Library of Congress & National Film Preservation Board funds via a grant from the Council on Library and Information Resources


Resoration Funders

Roger & Chaz Ebert Foundation

Solomon Northup's Odyssey (1984)

Resoration Funders

March on Washington Film Festival
Special thanks to Warrington Hudlin & John Skic

Ford Foundation/Just Films


Resoration Funders

Ravenal Foundation


Resoration Funders

Jon Anderson • Jane Beckmann • Bob Bergman • Dana Biberman • Jane Blumenfeld • David Bordwell • Steve Brachman • R. Alta Charo • George Clyde • Jeffrey Ernstoff • Billy Feitlinger • Niki Glen • Daniel Goldberg • Andrew Goodman • Melinda Hansen • Harvey Kahn • Harvey Kornspan • Lois Leatherman • Don & Pam Lichty • David Mariniss • Ken Mate • Michael Maxwell • Ellen Meyers • Peter Neufeld • Richard & Sophie Neupert • Dominique Noth • Open Society Institute • Paul O’Rourke • Emily Page & Oliver Steinberg • Curt Pawlisch • Lewis Pepper • Linda Prine • Virginia Reticker • Irene Schapiro • Dan Schiller • Art Schulman • Ben & Judy Sidran • Marjorie Siegel • Glenn Siliber • Michael & Debby Smith • Todd Smith • Joan Stephens • Andrew Stern • David Tabacoff • Karen Thompson • Jeanine Wall • Marc N. Weiss & Nancy Meyer


Blue Monday
We are indebted to Paul van der Laan and his company, Bold Monday, for allowing us to incorporate his OSKAR font into our IndieCollect logo. Bold Monday was founded in 2008 by Paul van der Laan and Pieter van Rosmalen, both of whom were successful typographic designers before they founded the company. Based in The Netherlands, Bold Monday regards itself as the typographical equivalent of an “indie” record label, so we love the fact that these kindred spirits are supporting our indie film preservation campaign. Paul van der Laan designed OSKAR in 2012-13. To see the OSKAR iterations and Bold Monday's many other striking fonts, please visit boldmonday.com.


Florian Papp Gallery
Sspecial thanks to Mindy Papp & William Papp