Living in Oblivion (1995)


Our Mission

The mission of IndieCollect is to:

  • Save American independent films from the risk of extinction, whether through neglect or through faulty preservation strategies.
  • Educate filmmakers about the urgent need to preserve our collective body of work.
  • Secure long-term archival storage for indie films at no cost to the filmmakers.
  • Register every indie title in our unique IndieCollect Index so that each film becomes discoverable.


IndieCollect is advocating for conservation of the entire field of independent cinema, across all genres, including fiction, non-fiction, hybrid and experimental works. Independent films represent alternative voices, innovative storytelling techniques, geographical and demographic diversity, and they tackle a vast array of topics. IndieCollect intends to make an eloquent case for how each film fits into the nation’s social and artistic fabric and why this or that archive might wish to safeguard the work. In the largest sense, IndieCollect’s mission is to insure that when the history of motion pictures is written at the end of this century, the work of independent filmmakers will not have been eclipsed.