Girls Town burst upon the scene at Sundance in 1996, winning several awards and dazzling audiences and critics with its bold portrayal of irreverent young women coming of age. One of the first movies about the secret shame of rape, it celebrates their zigzag path to empowerment as gleeful acts of revenge give way to something much deeper.  The screenplay was created by Jim McKay in collaboration with cast members Lili Taylor, Bruklin Harris, and Anna Grace. Taylor has become one of the great actors of her generation and co-star Aunjanue Ellis was recently Oscar-nominated for Best Supporting Actress in King Richard. Girls Town also features standout performances by Guillermo Diaz, Michael Imperioli, Stephanie Berry, Tom Gilroy, and John Ventimiglia, and an all-female soundtrack featuring Queen Latifah, PJ Harvey, Roxanne Shante, Salt 'n Pepa, and others. The 4K restoration by IndieCollect, completed in 2022, was funded with support from the HFPA Trust, Donald A. Pels Charitable Trust, IndieCollect donors, and Fellow Citizen, Inc.

“ It is outspoken, unpolished, and easily the most realistic movie ever made about the lives of young women.”

—Kathi Maio, On the Issues

“The film’s foul-mouthed, belligerent characters challenge the audience to suspend traditional views of women”

—Scott Goldfine, Funknstuff