Bleached blond rocker Wendy (Carrie Hamilton) spontaneously hops a plane to Tokyo with dreams of making it big in Japan. There she joins up with Hiro (Japanese musician Diamond Yukai), a grinning rock ’n’ roll frontman. They become huge stars…and fall in love. Tokyo Pop’s zany tongue-in-cheek tour through 1980s Tokyo exposes both sides of Japan's economic miracle — its raw underbelly contrasted with its crass commercialism and pop culture idols. Despite her success as a rock star, Carrie feels like a fish out of water and turns her back on it all. She does so with a sweetness that feels like a gift to the audience.

“ You don't have to be a fan of rock music to get a kick out of ''Tokyo Pop,'' a wedding of American and Japanese youth cultures as seen through a fun-house mirror.”

—Walter Goodman, New York Times